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"We believe in endless customizability"

Graphics and Design

Logo design, 3D Logo, Graphical Logo, 2D or 3D animation/ video, video making, white board, tutorial videos, photography and editing, advertising video, product launching video, posters, banners, branding, Premium professional documentations like Pitch deck, CV, Portfolio.


Web and App Development

Website building, Android, iOS App development, Game development, 3D Simulator, Software Development, Customized Apps and Games, UI/UX, E-commerce platform development and management, debugging and encryption.


Business and Marketing

Market analysis, Top-end trading solutions including Import-Export solution, Supply Chain Management, Major Deal Executions, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Acquisition, Business Consultancy and exclusive support with expertise, Unique Selling Point Assessments, Pitching your Products and Services, Novelty Search and proper demand scaling for your products adding more value to it, Cost Benefit Analysis, Complete Digital Marketing and Publicity, Fund raising policy framing and bootstrapping your start up, Consultation related to A to Z Business Registration and everything related to Mentorship, Incubation, Acceleration and Investment, Research and Management related to E-commerce business, Finance and Accounting managements, Core end Marketing and Legal support.


Event and Contests

All sorts of Online and Offline events, Contests, Seminars, Webinars, Pitching Session, Human Resource Developmental Session, Awareness Program, Organizing any sorts of Corporate as well as Personal Occasions.


Technology and Research

Research and Development in all aspects related to Space Technology, Defense Technology, Educational Technology, Deep tech based Study and Project Development, Expertise in Complicated Design and Technological development Challenges, Cost effective Assistive Technology, Smart Household Solutions, Specialized Critical Research in Material Science and Composition, Design and Simulation of any Automotive, Machine tools, Aerospace Technology, Building and Construction, All types of Analysis, Research support to intellectual property and publications, Robotic design and solutions, Hybrid Technological Research, all types of technical documentation like Feasibility Study, Prototype Planning, Industrial Production and Operational Analysis.

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