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The word 'Uruvyacas' means the wider space in Sanskrit. Uruvyacas Research and Technological Solutions Private Limited (URTS Pvt. Ltd.) laid it’s foundation on 29th of June, 2019. The journey started two years back from the day of foundation, the founders have been working on a challenging tech with an aim to contribute it towards the Space Technology as the most cost effective measure available so far. Then the founders-inventors went for the novelty search and successfully filed patent on the same then they successfully got an appointment from the Office of the Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation and hence visited the ISRO Headquarters on 19th of September, 2019. Thereafter, URTS family went on growing as one of the private R&D based Space Tech company and thus URTS has been working into many patents, projects etc. and expanding everyday.  


URTS Pvt. Ltd. is a Research & Development company and aims in the assessment of every Local, National and Global problems and needs with working for its solutions. Therefore, we believe in seeking feasible scientific solutions to varieties of problems and working for it while valuing and protecting the nature along with building a sustainable ecosystem. URTS focuses on innovations of products ranging from simple to extremely challenging technologies and also renders a lots of services and programs. URTS primarily works on Aerospace, Space Technology and Educational Technologies.









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